At Kind Karma, we have found that a consistent yoga practice has tremendously helped children with Special Needs and Abilities(ADHD, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome, Learning/Behavioral delays/disabilities, Sensory Perception Disorders and more). In class, we integrate the physical, social, emotional and cognitive needs and skills of each individual child. Classes take place in a one-to-one setting, we come from a place of love and understanding to meet the child exactly where she is at the present moment. Rather than ask the child to enter our world, we try to enter their world and look at the world through their eyes. Every child will be treated with the utmost respect, love and understanding so she feels supported, nurtured and safe. 

Prior to starting, with the parent's input, we put together a profile for the child. We will go over the child's preferences, particular challenges she may be facing, goals you are working at home, allergies and a lot more. After this information is compiled, we then design a yoga class individual and unique to the child. This specially designed class will meet the child where she is and give her self-soothing tools which she can use now and well into adulthood.

We request the parents not to be present during class. This is because the parent's presence alters the child's behavior and the child is less likely to engage with the teacher and/or use therapeutic props during class. 

How can yoga benefit my child with Special Needs & Abilities?

1. Increases the ability to relax

2. Increases the ability to be in the present moment

3. Encourages proper use of breath(deep breathing/breathing exercises)

4. Increases Muscle Control and Motor Skills

3. Increases Attention and Focus

4. Decreases tightness in muscles and joints

5. Develops a strong Sense of Self

6. Encourages Verbal Expression  


All Special Needs Private Sessions are designed and led by our Founder and Director Nashita Dastur. These One-On-One sessions are held Saturday mornings. To inquire about openings or if you have any questions about Special Needs yoga for your child, please reach out to Nashita - Nashita@kindkarma.com


**We always protect our clients' privacy. However, if you want to connect with parents of our current special needs students, we will do our best to accommodate your request**