Plush Doll - Zolie
Plush Doll - Zolie
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Plush Doll - Zolie

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Representation Matters. and its high time we give our kids diverse dolls that actually look like them! We are proud to bring you our plush Zolie Doll. She is hand-crafted with the utmost love and care by a wonderful vendor in Texas named Ms.Kosi and the Zolie doll is inspired by her own daughter of the same name. 

The Zolie Doll is super cuddly and has fans all over the country. She's 18 inches tall and wears a cute pink dress, golden earrings, candy cane colored leggings, a pink & purple backpack and smart black shoes! She would love to accompany your child to the park or the beach or even to a playdate!

Suitable for all, 2yrs and up. 

By purchasing this doll, you are directly contributing to Zolie's college fund and Black Lives Matter