Plush Doll - Barack Obama
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Plush Doll - Barack Obama

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Why give your loved one an ordinary/run of the mill doll when you can inspire and educate them with their very own little Barack Obama?

Barack Obama is known the world over as the 44th President of the United States. He was the first African American president of our county and is greatly admired for his leadership, intellect, grace and his heart. 

Though just 11 inches tall, our Barack Obama doll is the perfect cuddly companion and encourages young minds to be bold and fight for what they believe in. In his signature blue suit and red tie, Barack will motivate your little world leader-in-training to RESIST and go high when others go low. And he isn't just for young ones - feel inspired at work or school with this little Barack doll at your desk.

Suitable for all, 3yrs and up.