About Us

Welcome to Kind Karma!
We are minority-owned, women-owned and women-operated. This is our family business and we are proud to curate a space where three generations of women come together and create a world we want to live in. A diverse, inclusive, equal and badass world - one where everyone is seen and heard, one where everyone takes up space and uses their voice even if it shakes.

This is a safe space for women of color, our LGBTQIA family, the creatives, the sensitives, the weirdos, the anxiety-ridden, the depressed, the boss babes, the glass ceiling shatterers, the hustlers, the artists, the lovers, the sisters, the mothers, the daughters - YOU are represented here. YOU are valued here. YOU belong here. YOU matter here.

We believe in dissenting, we believe in protesting, we believe in representation. One woman at a time, one conversation at a time - we continue spreading our message of acceptance and equality.

Thank you for being a part of our movement.