About Us

Welcome to Kind Karma!
We are minority-owned, women-owned and women-operated. This is our family business and we are proud to curate a space where three generations of women (ranging from 12 yrs to 70 yrs) have come together to create a world we want to live in. A diverse, inclusive, equal and badass world - one where everyone is seen and heard, one where everyone takes up space and uses their voice even if it shakes.

This is a safe space for women of color, our LGBTQIA+ family, the creatives, the sensitives, the weirdos, the anxiety-ridden, the depressed, the boss babes, the glass ceiling shatterers, the hustlers, the artists, the lovers, the sisters, the mothers, the daughters - YOU are represented here. YOU are valued here. YOU belong here. YOU are safe here. 
We hope that you find a little part of yourself mirrored in our products. We hope that our products make you feel good, make you smile and make your day a little bit brighter. We hope you feel motivated and inspired and purposeful and accepted and celebrated. 
At Kind Karma we believe in dissenting, we believe in protesting, we believe in representation. One woman at a time, one conversation at a time - we continue spreading our message of acceptance and equality.

Thank you for sharing this space with us.