Why We Do It


Orange County is home to a plethora of yoga studios - there's probably one on every major intersection!


Our research shows a majority of yoga studios do not offer childcare. A small percentage of studios that offer adult classes have an on-site daycare facility where kids are supervised while their parents get a workout. A very small number of yoga studios offer only kids classes where parents run errands or catch up on their phone calls between drop off and pick up. However, if one is looking for a yoga studio that takes care of parents and kids at the same time, there are no options!


This very significant gap in the market has led to the creation of Kind Karma – the only Yoga Studio in all of Orange County to offer simultaneous classes for adults and children. Under the parameters of our 50/60 concept, kids classes run 60 mins and adult classes run 50 mins(starting 5 mins after and ending 5 mins before the kids classes). 


On weekdays, we separate adult and kids classes and on weekends, we hold joint Family Yoga classes.