Meet The Kind Karma Team


Our teachers are very mindful of the positive energy we bring to each class. We endeavor to hold an empathic space so that you, our students, can find you own way - on and off the mat. We are certified, licensed and insured to teach yoga to children(toddlers to teens) and adults. We take a huge amount of pride in being creative, nurturing and above all fun! 


Nashita Dastur

Founder and Director


Nashita was born and raised in India and has been doing yoga since elementary school. She has her Bachelors in Psychology and her Masters in in Business(MBA). She loves to travel - Over the years she has lived in Sydney, Australia and Dallas,Texas before finally calling Orange County, California her forever home. In 2014, quite at random(or was it?!) Nashita walked into a yoga class and remembered how happy yoga used to make her. Subsequent classes deepened this connection and in those fleeting moments of listening to her heart, Kind Karma was lovingly born.


The following several years were spent seeking out the very best teachers in the field of yoga. She has trained under Dr.Deepak Chopra, world-renowned pioneer in integrative medicine and founder of the Chopra Foundation. Through the Chopra Center, Nashita is a certified Yoga instructor of the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga. She is a student of Claire Diab, Director of Yoga and Advisory Board Member at The Chopra Center and Founder of the American Yoga Academy. Nashita is also a Chopra Center trained and certified instructor of Perfect Health, a wellness program rooted in the ancient principles of Ayurveda. Nashita is trained and certified to teach kids with Special Abilities(Autism, ADHD, Anxiety Disorders, Cerebral Palsy), a cause very dear to her heart. Nashita is a Family Yoga and Kids Yoga specialist  and has taught 100s of kids and families across Southern California. 


Nashita is mom to yoginis Natasha and Zara, her most inspiring teachers. Both girls have inherited a love for yoga from their mom and will become certified teachers in the near future. Nashita is attracted to kindness and is inspired by the love of her husband Cyrus. When she is not yoga-ing, you can find her either at the beach or cooking up a storm in her kitchen!


Lily Abrams


Lily was born in Southern California and has spent her entire life passionate about all sorts of physical activities such as gymnastics, trampoline training, aerial arts, tumbling, dance, and yoga. Since she was little, she started practicing fine art as well as music, in addition to all her physical activities. I guess you could say she is a huge bundle of creative energy! Lily has always been fascinated with all the ways she can express herself, and now wants to share that knowledge with others.


Her love for yoga started about 4 years ago, when she discovered the amount of benefits it had for her body, mind, and spirit. She found that she got the same internal happiness practicing yoga as she did painting. After being an art teacher for about a year, she decided she wanted to teach others in more ways than just one. She completed her 200 Hour Teacher Teaching Certificate in Rishikesh, India, and has been teaching ever since. She teaches at a fitness studio, a troubled teen center, and at her local park weekly. Her positive and outgoing personality forms a very fun learning environment for all ages.


She believes in influencing others to express themselves in a positive way when they are young so that they can live a more peaceful future. She says that if we were all taught how to handle stress using creativity and mindfulness, the world around us would be a much different place. Lily’s present goal is to help children and adults learn how to express themselves through art, yoga, health, and wellness.


Tejal Modi


Tejal has been a practitioner of yoga for over 20 years. Originally from India, Tejal was introduced to yoga at a very young age. She speaks several languages and has also studied Sanskrit, the language yoga and yogic philosophy. 


In 2000, Tejal moved to California with her husband and began a career in the finance industry. Like many Americans, she worked diligently to manage the duel lifestyle of a business professional and mother. A brief health crisis became the turning point and she realized she needed to make some life changes. Instead of prescription medicines as advised by her doctor, she turned to what she knew brought her comfort as a child - Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama. With mindfulness and conviction, she began a daily practice of yoga, meditation and proper breathing techniques and was able to find answers to all her health problems. 


Tejal believes Yoga is much more than a form of physical exercise. Most importantly, its a mental and spiritual practice - It’s the prescription for a healthy and joyful life as illustrated by her own life experience. 




Gloria Perez


Gloria was born and raised in East Los Angeles and is the only girl among 7 brothers. After high school, she attended Cal State, Long Beach where she earned a 4-year degree in Criminal Justice. After college, she joined the United States Army and served proudly for 8 years, including two tours in the Middle East. When a fellow soldier introduced her to yoga, she felt most at peace even though she was in a war zone. 


After leaving the Army, Gloria became a Probation Officer with the Los Angeles County Probation Department. While working in a juvenile institution, she taught the inmates very basic yoga and she saw first-hand how positively it impacted their lives. Their anxiety decreased, they started taking pride in their bodies, verbal and physical altercations decreased as they looked forward to “Ms.P’s yoga class”.


Her journey into becoming a yoga teacher was a combination of the Universe's calling and her friends' gentle reminders that she was most peaceful when doing yoga. Before committing to yoga, Gloria tried marathon running, kickboxing, weight training classes etc. and noticed that her body was always in pain. Yoga was the only physical activity that made her feel good on every level. 


Gloria’s goal is to share her love of yoga with Military Veterans and their families and communities in lower socioeconomic areas. Off the mat, Gloria is a devoted parent to 2 spoiled Dachshunds and 1 orange Tabby.



Kat Lee Shull


Kat fell in love with yoga during her first class. It was 6 months after her first daughter was born and it made her feel like she was connected to her body again. During her second pregnancy she discovered Iyengar Yoga. Iyengar Yoga teachers are trained to modify poses for pregnancy, so Kat persuaded a few other pregnant students to come along and set up a “Pregnant Ladies” corner in regular Iyengar classes. The first seeds of teaching were planted then! 


When her third baby turned one, Kat started the 3-year, 500+ hour Iyengar Teacher Training program at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of Los Angeles. During this time she had the privilege of apprenticing with Eric Small, a pioneer in adapted yoga for neurological issues such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, and stroke. Kat currently teaches two classes a week for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. 


Kat is a seasoned yogi with 12 years teaching experience and 18 years of personal practice. Her favorite part of teaching is working with students to find the right adjustments – the balance of support and effort that gives each individual the maximum benefit for their mind and body. In addition to teaching a range of students from children to seniors, Kat has used her own practice of yoga to recover from a nerve damage injury, and to alleviate migraines.


Kat is an avid Star Wars fan and is very excited to be teaching Star Wars Yoga at Kind Karma. She was a Girl Scout through Seniors and received her Gold Award, then went on to be a camp counsellor and troop leader. As a homeschooling parent Kat was active in arranging, leading, or participating in varied classes like horseback riding, sewing, science labs, arts & crafts, music and theater. With her kids now in their teens, Kat is delighted to get to play with younger kids again in yoga classes!