What We Do


At Kind Karma, we have created fun yoga sequences to enrich one’s mental and physical health through captivating movement, relaxation and mindful meditation.


At Kind Karma, we do not take lightly the incredible opportunity/responsibility of teaching our young students how to do yoga and meditate. Teaching a child how to meditate, how to look within for answers when things go wrong (as they will every single day), rather than exploding at the world (parents, teachers, siblings, peers etc.) could potentially lead to a reduction in anger, anxiety, stress, bullying etc.


We are very proud of our "Every BODY is a Yogi Body" philosophy - our yogis are not interested in parading around the latest yoga gear, nor do we care about whether you eat organic vegetarian food:-) That's not who we are! Our primary focus is making our students feel seen and heard and loved! We encourage relaxing into the moment by trusting oneself and the Universe. 


Through the regular practice of yoga and meditation, we connect to a place of peace and calm within ourselves. When one feels comfortable and peaceful within oneself, one can create a safe environment for others to follow suit, in the process creating authentic and meaningful relationships, thereby creating a kinder world!