Welcome to Kind Karma


Namaste and thank you for visiting us!


At Kind Karma, our goal is to come together to have a good time in a movement-based, non-competitive and relaxed environment. Our yogis vary in age from 18 months to 89 years. Our instructors don't take themselves too seriously and we encourage our yogis to do the same! Joy and laughter is a huge part of every class. Our instructors come from a place of love and endeavor to make every yogi feel seen and heard. Our classes are small, 8-10 people at the most. Every class closes with a guided meditation. We are completely non-denominational - the only religion we believe in is Kindness. 


For parents who would like to practice yoga but don't have childcare, we are a two-room studio and offer consecutive classes for adults and kids. We have three options for you:

1. Take a class for yourself while your child is in the adjacent room taking their own class.

2. Drop your child off for yoga and run some errands/meet a friend for coffee. 

3. Take a Family Yoga class with your child in the same room.


The concept of simultaneous classes has proven to be most attractive to our parents. The parent walks in with their child, drops her/him off at the kids studio, then walks over to the adult studio for their own class. Classes are set up with mats/props prior to our students' arrival. This way parents and kids don't need to carry anything with them - all materials are made available for them during class. After class, every mat and prop is sanitized and ready for the next class. The studios are designed to keep kids very safe - no child can exit their studio without alerting the parent. 


If this sounds like something you'd want to try or have your kids try, give us a call or drop us a line and we'd love to connect!