Welcome to Kind Karma


Everyone knows how wonderful yoga can be for one's mental and physical health. Most of us want to fit in a yoga class once or twice a week but childcare is always a deterrent. Until now! Kind Karma Family Yoga offers simultaneous/consecutive classes for parents and kids! You walk in with your child, drop her/him off at the kids studio, then walk across to your own studio. Kids classes run 60 minutes and adults classes run 50 minutes(starting 5 minutes after and finishing 5 minutes before kids class), giving you, the parent just enough time to get a great workout between drop off and pick up! Not only do you enjoy your yoga "me-time", your child is also all zen and happy after their yoga session! Now which parent can pass that up?! 


As parents, we know that our children are prone to copying our own behavior, rather than listening to our words. Starting our kids on a journey of yoga and meditation can be as simple as leading by example. Our goal at Kind Karma is to come together to have a good time in a movement-based, non-competitive, friendly and relaxed environment. Yoga is not about touching ones toes, its about what we learn about ourselves on the way down! So, if you are looking for fun yoga classes for yourself and your children that run concurrently under one roof - Kind Karma is the place for your family!