Why Yoga?

Why do I need yoga?

"If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete" - Buddha. A commitment to self care is NOT selfish. Yoga helps us connect with our body, listen to our heart and approach life with intension and purpose. At Kind Karma, we endeavor to make every yogi feel seen and heard. Our classes are small, 10-12 people at the most. We are completely non-denominational - the only religion we believe in is Kindness. Whether you need a deep stretch, a high-intensity sweat session or a candlelit meditative class, we have you covered. Find yourself and your community while:

1. Learning to listen to one's body v/s telling the body what to do.

2. Developing self-confidence and self-love

3. Experiencing measurable health benefits like lower Blood Pressure, lower Cholesterol, decreased weight and deeper sleep. 

Why does my Child need yoga?

Kids have Stress and Anxiety too. This can manifest as behavioral/discipline problems, academic challenges, difficulty sleeping, even depression. Its not possible for Mom/Dad to be around 24/7. Take your child's mental health seriously - give them tools to self-soothe by introducing them to Yoga. Kids will have a blast while exploring yoga poses, partner poses, guided meditation, breathing techniques, yoga arts/crafts and yoga games! The reason we have kids start yoga and meditation as young as 2 yrs of age is so that when they're teens, they:

1. Know how to handle emotions like anger, frustration and fear. 

2. Are better equipped to handle peer pressure, bullying, mood swings etc. 

3. Rather than have life "happen to them", they are able to create a life of meaning and purpose.



Why does my Family need yoga?

In most families today, parents are over-worked and kids are over-scheduled. Everyone is running around tying to meet work/school deadlines, get to soccer practice or make it to dinner on time. What often gets forgotten in the mix is Connection. Brene Brown defines connection  as the energy between people when they feel seen, heard and valued. Human beings are wired for connection - Family Yoga is beautiful way to connect with one's family members with partner poses, team-building yoga games and guided meditation. 

Parents have three options:

1. Family Yoga - The entire family does yoga in the same room. 

2. Simultaneous Adult and Kids Classes - Parents attend an Adult Class while their kids attend a Kids Class in an adjacent room. 

3. Kids Yoga - Parents drop off Kids for class and pick up at the end of the hour. 

What our Families are saying...


"A warm, friendly and welcoming community. My daughter and I joined last summer seeking healing. Nashita welcomed us with open arms and walks with us through our journey without judgement. What I really appreciate in the children's class is the combination of yoga, mindfulness, crafts and joy! My daughter insists we go each week and it has become a special part of our relationship."                              - Deborah S, Aliso Viejo CA(from Facebook)



 "My daughter and I absolutely love it here. They have an adult class at the same time as the kids class which is great for both of us! We've tried kid yoga classes closer to our house but my daughter dosen't like them. She says its too hard and they don't talk and she worries she's not doing it right. Many places are adding kids yoga classes but don't know how to teach them in a way that truly helps them learn to love themselves and feel confident in their bodies abilities"                                                                                                - Caroline T, Yorba Linda CA(from Yelp)



"We absolutely love Kind Karma! Kids can do their own class while parents get to enjoy a class of their own. Our whole family is doing every week, including our son who has Autism. The teachers are wonderful and the owners are the loveliest people. We highly recommend!"                                             - Jessica A, Irvine CA(from Facebook)



"Kind Karma is a wonderful place. When you walk in, you feel relaxed right away. The decor is thoughtful and upscale. My eight year old daughter and I love doing together. The power yoga is a great workout. Thank you for all you do Kind Karma to bring mindfulness to our family."                         - L. Williams, Ladera Ranch CA (from google)



"We have been looking for a Yoga Studio that my kids (ages 9 and 7) could go to with me. Kind Karma is amazing. I have done individual classes, class with the kids, and the kids have taken classes and gone to some of the kids camps. Amazing atmosphere of promoting wellness, kindness and learning(I am not a Yoga person). We have thoroughly enjoyed the classes, instructors and studio. We drive from Placentia to Lake Forest for our classes. Well worth it."                                                                                                                      - K.B. Placentia, CA (from Yelp)



"My daughter and I started doing yoga at Kind Karma and we love it! The classes are well planned and so relaxing after a good workout."                                                                     - Tammy Chernow, Lake Forest CA(from google)



"We love Kind Karma Family Yoga! Its been so great for my 8 yr old son. When he gets upset he uses the tools he's learned there to remember to breathe through it."                                                        - Jenn C, Irvine CA(from Yelp)



"Great Yoga studio for the whole family. My husband and I take a class while our kids also take a class in the next room. Always relaxing and rejuvenating for all of us."                         - S.Rahming, Ladera Ranch CA(from google)   



"Love this yoga studio! My son goes here for Star Wars yoga. He is hyperactive, and I feel that yoga could really help him calm down. The owner is very sweet, and I feel very lucky that we found this yoga studio. Highly recommend this place!'                                                                                                      - M.D., Irvine CA(from Yelp)



"We are thrilled to have found Kind Karma. My 8 year old has attended camps and loves it there. She benefits from the supportive environment and yoga practice. After her classes, we see smiles, positive self-talk and more confidence."                                                                                                    - Angela W., Long Beach CA(from Yelp)